We kept it under wraps but our first ever Carter Beauty campaign shoot took place last April in the make.space studio in Dublin.

On the day, #TeamCB consisted of:
Photography/Videography: Lili Forberg
Make-up: Sue Brophy assisted by Annmarie Tiebel
Hair: Danielle Garner
Models: Jessie Knight, Raiane Borges @ Morgan the Agency
Creative Direction: Claudia Gocoul
Shoot Assistant Aurora Gocoul

The theme of our campaign shoot was ‘90s vibes with fun, bright colours. Make-up artists Sue and Annmarie both did an exquisite job creating STUNNING beauty looks on our two experienced models, Jessie and Raiane. Our lovely models’ fresh skin was perfect for the look we were chasing. Danielle Garner, creative hairdresser and stylist, has been working in her industry for over 8 years and it shows. When we contacted Danielle and told her we were working a fun ‘90s type shoot she was full of ideas of middle partings and Rachel Geller inspired hair clips which helped us bring our vision to life. We worked in the studio, without any artificial lights as the natural light was a better fit. We hope you love it as much as we do.