Make-up Artist: Sue Brophy

Model: Kelly Horrigan


Full look created using Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter.


Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter took one of Ireland’s leading make-up artists, Sue Brophy, to London for the Make-up by Ariel Masterclass. Ariel Tejada aka – @makeupbyariel is Kylie Jenner’s personal makeup artist and an Instagram phenomenon, boasting over 1.8 million followers. Ariel has grown from a self-taught make-up artist to become one of the best of the best, frequently working with the Kardashian/Jenner sisters.


We’re here to give you the inside scoop into achieving Ariel’s signature glam in a simple step by step using all Carter Beauty products- so you can get the Kylie Jenner look without the Kylie Jenner Cash.


  • STEP 1: Before applying make-up, always ensure your skin is clean and well hydrated.


  • STEP 2: Use the Carter Beauty Hold Tight Perfecting Primer, €7.95 to prime the t-zone. This primer smooths out pores and ensures that your make-up will last all day and night!


  • STEP 3: Apply a fine layer of the Full Measure HD Foundation is shade Banoffee, €9.95 to even out the skin tone and create a flawless base- a little goes a long way. The Full Measure HD Foundation provides a full yet buildable coverage and is available in 12 shades so you are guaranteed to find your perfect match!


  • STEP 4: Using the Carter Beauty Smooth Nude 18-shade Palette, €14.95 as a multifunctional product Sue used the eyeshadow shade shameless as a brow powder to fill in any sparseness in Kelly’s brows. – alternatively, you can use the Window Dressing Brow Kit to create flawless brows- it includes 2 brow powders, a brow pencil and an eyebrow gel all for €9.95.


  • STEP 5: Use the Carter Beauty Covert Concealer in shade Shortbread, €4.95, to carve out the brow- this gives a crisp and clean look to the brow and creates that gorgeous Kylie Jenner inspired arch. Bringing that concealer onto the entire lid and setting with the Covert Concealer with the Setting Standards Baking Powder in shade Natural, €4.95 creates the perfect eyeshadow base to ensure your shadows blend perfectly.


  • STEP 6: Ariel is all about matte shadows on Kim and Kylie so the Carter Beauty Smooth Nude 18-shade Palette, €14.95, is perfect for creating that Kardashian glam. The Smooth Nude palette is full of matte shadows that will flatter any skin tone. Using the shades Crave and Desire on a soft fluffy brush, buff the shadows on the outer corner of the eye and then through the crease. Bringing the shadow outwards towards the temples creates a cat eye effect- a look kylie is known for.


  • STEP 7: Instead of using eyeliner, Ariel often uses shadows to create his wings, giving a softer and smokier effect. Using the shade Tease from the Smooth Nude Palette, build up the colour along the lash line and buff out to a winged shape. (Top Tip: using a clean fluffy brush along the edge of your shadows will soften any harsh edges!)


  • STEP 8: Back on to skin- ensure all fall out is cleaned up and add any extra Full Measure HD Foundation where you feel necessary.


  • STEP 9: Ariel doesn’t like a super bright under eye so to to match the Convert Concealer more closely to your foundation shade you can mix in a small bit of the Full Measure HD Foundation of your choice and use that to conceal any discolouration in the undereye area. To ensure your undereye remains creaseless all day set with the Setting Standards Baking Powder– Sue uses shade banana.


  • STEP 10: Using the darker end of the Carter Beauty Throw Shade Double Ended Contour Stick in shade Light, €4.95, buff the product into the skin directly under the cheekbones on a small powder brush to add warmth and definition. Again, using the Setting Standards Baking Powder in shade Banana bringing this directly under the areas that have been contoured will add extra definition



  • STEP 12: Using the shade air from the Zodiac Mixed Powder Palette, pop this gorgeous soft blusher onto the apples of the cheeks- according to Ariel Kim and Kylie loveee blush and so do we! Air is the perfect shade to give a natural flush to the face and suits so many skin tones. Then taking shade Tinder from the Apollo Mini Bronzer Palette to contour the nose slightly- (this is totally optional but if Ariel does it you bet we’re doing it).


  • STEP 13: Then pop Carter Beauty On the Lash Dramatic, €4.95 – last seen on Cardi B (we’re still not over it). Cut lashes to fit about 1/3 the way across the eye to add to that cat eye effect we created earlier. Added another coat of Carter Beauty After Dark Volumnising Mascara if you’re feeling extra.


  • STEP 14: Use shade Flash from the Blaze Highlighting Palette on the highest points of the cheekbones- because this look would not be Kardashian inspired without some serious glow!



  • STEP 16: Finish off the look by popping the shade Tease from the Smooth Nude Palette I went back and buffed off the powder that had been baking for definition.


….. And Voila! Your Kylie Jenner inspired look is complete! This tutorial is sure to give you that ‘Forbes Youngest Self-Made Billionaire’ confidence.



Much Love,


#TeamCB xo