Hello Lovelies

That’s kind of stuck, hasn’t it? Welcome to Carter Beauty Cosmetics HQ. Whether you’re a new pal, or a loyal Cocoa Brown fan, we’re happy to have you. So, what is Carter Beauty Cosmetics? We’ve taken the award-winning ‘by Marissa Carter’ brand you know and love and we’ve evolved.

If you live and breathe beauty, Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter is the brand for you. Formulated by yours truly, Carter Beauty combines professional quality with Insta-worthiness, because what good is pretty packaging if the product doesn’t pack a punch?

Here at CBHQ we do nothing by halves, it’s go big or go home all day erryday. We’ve exploded onto the market with a whopping 103 make-up bag must-haves. How much? You ask? It wouldn’t be a ‘by Marissa Carter’ brand if we weren’t dishing out bang for your buck. Carter Beauty ranges from €3.95 to €14.95. Our mantra is, beauty shouldn’t leave you broke…

with love,
Marissa x

Our Ethos

Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter is a Peta-Approved member of Beauty Without Bunnies. We are completely cruelty-free and we do not test our products on animals, nor do we have animal testing conducted on our behalf or by anyone else. Certain products may contain beeswax which is derived from the animal but no animals are harmed in the production and testing of our products.