Ah Eyeliner, the age old struggle! Fret not, we have 3 easy step by step tutorials so that you can rock your perfect liner look! From our best-selling Supreme Gel Liner (as seen on Ariana Grande and we’re still not over it) for the perfect feline flick, to our much loved Pencil Pusher eyeliner so achieve sultry smokey peepers. Eyeliner has never been so easy with the help of celebrity make-up artist Sue Brophy and her stunning model Cathy Costello.



Step 1: Set the lid using Carter Beauty Setting Standards Baking Powder in shade Natural, €4.95 this ensures that the eyeliner will not transfer on the eyelid all day long.

Step 2: Using Carter Beauty Supreme Gel Liner, €4.95, map out the wing upward toward temples – start lightly and intensify the line.

Step 3: Bring the liner in across the lid, toward the centre of the eye.

Step 4: For the inner work, from inner corner of eye to centre.

Step 5: Lift the lid to tightline (top waterline of the eye) and ensure a jet black finish.

Step 6: Let the gel dry then go in with a cotton bud soaked in eye make-up remover to neaten up your line.

Step 7: Use the Carter Beauty Covert Concealer, €4.95, on a small concealer brush to sharpen the wing to perfection.

Step 8: Coat the lash band with Carter Beauty Supreme Gel Liner to ensure a seamless blend between the lash band and the liner.

Step 9: Apply glue to lash band and leave to dry. Sue uses On The Lash False Lashes €4.95, in the style Wispie. Apply the lashes to the centre of the eye and then secure the corners. Use Carter Beauty After Dark Lengthening Mascara, €7.95, to blend lashes.



Step 1: Set the lid using Carter Beauty Setting Standards Baking Powder in shade Natural, €4.95.

Step 2: Using Carter Beauty Steadfast Liquid Liner Pen, €4.95, go in soft and at an angle using the length of the brush on the skin. For a finer line apply very light pressure and for a thicker line increase the pressure of application.

Step 3: Lay the pen flat and stamp across the lid, wiggling to lash line to ensure there are no gaps.

Step 4: If you make any mistakes- don’t worry! Go in with a cotton bud soaked in make-up remover to correct any imperfections.

Step 5: Flick upward slightly at the end of the eye to create the appearance of a larger eye.

Step 6: Finish with After Dark Lengthening Mascara €7.95, for an everyday look, or add On the Lash False Lashes €4.95, for a more dramatic look!



Step 1: Apply the Carter Beauty Pencil Pusher in shade Jet Black, €3.95, to the tight line (upper waterline) of the eye to create the illusion of thicker lashes.

Step 2: Then run the Pencil Pusher Eyeliner, across the lash line, wriggling the pencil into the lashes to cover any gaps.

Step 4: Using a pencil brush, smudge the edge of the liner to create a smokey effect.

Step 5: Using the 18-shade Smooth Nude Palette, €14.95, in shade Desire, blend along the edge of the liner soften the look and ensure a seamless blend.

Step 6: Go back in with Carter Beauty Pencil Pusher in shade Jet Black to darken lash line for that extra depth.

Step 7: Repeat the above steps on the bottom lash blending out using shades Desire and Provoked.

Step 8: Taking Gemini Lashes from the Zodiac Collection, cut the lash in half and pop it on the outer corner of the eye to create a feline effect.


And there you have it- 3 flawless liner looks that are easy to create and easy on your pocket!



Much Love,